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PRS Hawaii – Danai Surf Distributor 
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Yes now YOU CAN take up Stand Up Paddleboarding &  Surfing. This is not a shop that sells a few model line of standup paddle surfboards. This is a complete line of 23+ MODELS OF SUP boards(!) , ranging from 7'8" to 12' 4" TANDEM and 12'6" DOWN-WINDERS models. They are full epoxy, in many colors (not just one or two), and can be custom ordered to your specs in 6-8 weeks turnaround. 

They are stable and responsive, not to mention good looking. High Performance SUP's in our lineup are well received by many local surfers. Most combos in our basic package line sells for $1150.00 flat...(plus tax)...no hidden $$$ nickle and dime-ing, custom packages are a bit more.


We are into this sport and we intend to bring this quality and rideablity to the normal "Joe (or Jody)" who just wanted to try a board and see if they can do it, as well as those of us who want a great entry level ride which will take us to the upper levels of the TOP SUP ranks. Main thing is we can have TOP QUALITY, AFFORDABLE, STABLE, FAST, AWESOME LOOKING, GREAT HANDLING, GREAT QUALITY SUP'S! 

Many of us will never get to the levels of the TOP LOCAL SUP guys out there, they rock!!! We are constantly in awe of their talents, but can never hope to achieve them. What we do know is that we will always enjoy being in the water surfing, wakeboarding, jetskiing and now paddle board surfing...so with that, we also believe not many of you will not get to that level either...doesn't mean we cant be a legend in our own mind! And as EVERY SURFER KNOWS, IT IS THE FEELING THAT MAKES US PURSUE THE SURF. Although we all have different skill levels...the stoke, the rush, the giggle factor of pulling off a good wave ride is universal...close your eyes, you know we're right!

SUP Packages come…COMPLETE!


SUP Board – Available in SO MANY colors,  23+ models to fit your skills and application, from fitness to ripping the waves! Full Epoxy and our NEW EXPII foam/glass models for you serious SUPer's. This epoxy board is Light, with Bold, Clear, Sharp Graphics, High Performance finish!

Paddle – We are proud to say we will include the BELOW LISTED PADDLE in your basic package. I-N-C-L-U-D-E-D!

Our upgraded full carbon paddles will be the tested tough, used by local braddahs AND sistahs on the beach! The PRS Hawaii "PAHOA" Paddles. Tested and endorsed by local downwind racers and SUP Surfers Kianoa Beaupre, Cyril Huddy and Ben Ancheta and  AS WELL AS SOME HOT local SUP surfers. Fast, Light, Smooth with a "Suprise" on the tip of the blade to get you one up on the competition! Get THE "PAHOA" included in your package (a $275.00 value!!!)

Pad Kit – MANY colors and patterns, you chose the color and pattern! Duo tones $25 extra, Tri-tones $40 extra. High Impact, "BRING DA BLING" to your board Professional installation available and included in your package! I-N-C-L-U-D-E-D!

Leash – Double Swivel Ankle Leash comes with your board I-N-C-L-U-D-E-D!

Fins - ALL necessary fins are included from quads+1, 2+1 & singles I-N-C-L-U-D-E-D!

One stop for a awesome board package, great selection, buy a package and all you have to do is grab you favorite surf garb and go paddle!

All of these items are available outside of the packages so if you need a paddle, board protectors, pad kits, leashes, paddle edge guards, transport straps, and so much more we got em. We even have a neat CLEAR non slip deck pad for those of you who want your board to show not the deck pad up on the nose…this pad has MORE grip when wet for you nose riders!

Be safe and get wet!

Check Out the pictures below for performance and check out the colors, this is only a small sample of the colors available!!!

You Asked for COLORS




Click on the picture below to see the entire DANAI SURF SUP Line!



Our Goals
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • Make our products affordable and durable yet capable and well balanced. 
  • To provide the best customer service possible, local style, family based.
  • Strive to be innovative, listen to our customers and encourage feedback.
  • To  help promote a healthy, active lifestyle within the beautiful waters of Hawaii.

Local Rep, local style, service and quality, try before you buy, complete line of accessories.

Here are some of our customer testimonials:

"Kalei" - "East Side, Oahu"
Height/Weight - 5'8"/190 lbs.
Employment - "Public Safety"
Skill Level - 1st Time SUP'er, Avid Surfer
Equipment - 10'6" Stinger/Fish, Hoe Wa'a Paddle, Camo Deck Pad

"Aloha Eddie,
Thanks for all your kokua in the SUP that I bought from you I am very happy
with it the colors and the shape is outrageous the deck pad looks good too
and the carbon paddle works smooth. The board handles really well I am having 
a great time with it. O yeah my two older sons when they saw the board and tried
it out they now want to buy one of their own.

Mahalo Kalei"
"Dan H" - "South Side, Oahu"
Height/Weight - 6'3"/275 lbs
Employment - "Honolulu Businessman"
Skill Level - 1st Time SUP'er, 24+ yrs Avid Surfer
Equipment - 12' SUP, C4 Waterman FG Paddle, Marble Deck Pad


The 12 foot Danai SUP board is awesome! I am 6'3" 275 lbs and it floats me high
and dry. I am a first time user of stand up surfboards, but have longboarded for
25 years. This thing is a challenge. The first day out I went to Ala Moana beach
to paddle in the smooth water. It was a breeze! The surf looked very tempting I
had to try. It was a bit hard for me to keep my balance in the rolling waves,
but because the board is so stable I did manage to figure it out quickly. I
caught a couple of waves, but it was windy so I decided to go in. The next day I
ventured out to Queens. The conditions were ideal. I caught at least ten waves
and was able to surf the board and work the waves. I am hooked! It's a great
workout in the ocean that I love.

Mahalo Eddie!"
"Jay W" - Kauai
Height/Weight - 5'11"/195 lbs
Employment - "Protecting Our Freedom" (God Bless You!)
Skill Level - 1st Time SUP'er, Avid Long Time Longboarder
Equipment - 11' Brn Deck/Brn Camo Bottom, Custom 2-tone Pad Kit, Hoe Wa'a Carbon Paddle

"Aloha Eddie,

Just wanted to drop you a thank you for hooking me up with a sweet Stand Up
Paddle set up!!  I love my 11 footer, its quick in the flat water and really
stable in the surf!  The set up was a deal and everyone makes coments on how
nice the board looks with that cool camo design.

I also appreciate the fact that you took the time to pack up and take down to
aloha cargo for me!  I am having a blast!  If anyone ever has any questions
about your package, don't hesitate to have them give me a call or send me an

Thanks again,

"Kekoa L." - Kauai
Height/Weight - 5'10"/215 lbs
Employment - "Protecting Life & Property"
Skill Level - Current SUP Owner & Avid Long Time Longboarder
Equipment - 10'6" Stinger Fish Ordered, Black Pad Kit, C4 Fiberglass Oval Shaft Paddle

"Aloha Eddie,

Thanks again for the Demo at Kailua the other day. I was amazed on how stable the board was compared to the one I have now. I would have never attempted to paddle in choppy onshore conditions on my (****** **** Hawaii) board.  We are interested in purchasing a board if you still have one available



"Elmer" - Oahu
Height/Weight - 5'10"/195 lbs
Employment - "Keeping the C&C Running Smoothly"
Skill Level - 1st Time SUP'er & Avid Long Time Longboarder
Equipment - 11' "Speedy", Tri-color Pad Kit, Hoe Wa'a Full Carbon Paddle


Thanks for getting me my board. This eleven footer is perfect.  Now I can get out there and paddle without having to load my 22’ one man canoe.  The scenery from standing up is awesome.  And at the same time, I’m getting a good workout.  I really appreciate all the time you spent talking to me before and after I bought my board. Thanks for everything!




"Bob" - Lanai
Height/Weight - 5'6"/185 lbs
Employment - "Self Employed Contractor"
Skill Level - 1st Time SUP'er & Avid Long Time Longboarder
Equipment - 11' 6", BRAND NEW EXPII Epoxy Tri-color Pad Kit, C4 Full Carbon Paddle

"Aloha Eddie,

Just want to thank you for the awesome board that I got from you!

My wife and I took it out this past weekend at Manele Bay on Lanai and we had a fantastic time. We had the opportunity to paddle along side the dolphins and they jumped  and flipped out of the water beside us.  The board handles really well.

It's the best investment for our health mentally and physically.

Much Mahalo again for everything, I will be interested in picking up another board from you in the future.

Mahalo and Aloha,

"R (he) & C (she)" - Oahu
Height/Weight - 5'11" & 5'3"/Avg Build Local Folks

Employment - "Happily Employed"
Skill Level - "R" - 1st Time SUP'er & "C" -"Never Been on ANY board in her life"
Equipment - 11' Epoxy Camo & 10'2", Full Carbon Paddles Him C4/Her "Pahoa" Paddle

Hi Eddie,

We just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to set us up with the
great SUP boards!  It took us weeks to finally try out the first board (11
footer), but when we did we found it was easy to stand up and get going even for
"C" who had never set foot or body on any type of board before.  She said
she would never have thought she was capable of standing up and balancing on a
moving board.  She enjoyed it so much that after taking the board out the second
time we decided we didn't want to share the board anymore and that "C"
should get her own board.

Thanks for recommending the 10 foot 2 inch board for "C".  At first she was
apprehensive about going with the shorter board and anticipated falling off at
least several times the first day we took her board out but she had no problems
and true to your word she loves the responsiveness of the board.  She also loves
your handle design, she can carry her own board and doesn't have to wait for me
to carry the 2 boards from the car to the water and can go out on her own.

Aloha and Mahalo,

R and C
M. V. & FAMILY - Lanai
Height/Weight - 5'8"/125lbs, plus hubby sharing da SUP!
Employment - Yeah why(?) LOL
Skill Level - First Timers
Equipment -11'x30"x4 3/4" HulaKai Model
"My Dearest Eddie...

OMG!  U have no idea how AmAzInG it was 2 put the board in the water on Saturday!
Thank U so so so much, U really helped make my 40th B-day SuPeR SpEcIaL!!!
Spent all day out on the board from about 11:30am - 5pm (short break in the middle 4 a snack/lunch).  The keiki had a BLaSt taking turns riding on the front & the handles worked out perfect!!!  NoW they each want their own boards!!!!!  Broke my BaNk!!!

R we all square w/ payment 4 the shipping???  Call me if U need my cc# again ~ & my most sincere apologies 4 all the running around U had 2 do... uuuggghhh!  But at least now U will know the drill when I order the next 2-5 boards!!!

Now start planning UR trip 2 Lana`i...

Warmest Aloha,
M****** V******
a.k.a.  Eddie I #1 Fan!!!"
Tommy S - Honolulu, HI
Height/Weight - 6'1"/225lbs
Employment - Keeping Things Cool Since 1982
Skill Level - First Timer But Now "RIPPAH"
Equipment -11'6x30"x4 3/4" Speedy
Aloha Eddie . .   Just a quick email to send you my mahalo for taking care of me on the board and accessories.

I now am totally addicted and going out at least 2-3 times per week and trying to find a way to go more . . .  even got T*** up and loving it . . . may need another board sooner than I thought!

Mahalo nui again--

Tommy    \-000-/

Tommy Silva, President / CEO - T&T Tinting Specialists, Inc.
Tinting Hawaii's Windows Since 1982 ** Celebrating Over 27 Years of Cool!!

* Residential * Commercial * Automotive * Safety & Security * Glass Graphics * Glass-Lock * Anti-Graffiti * Automotive Paint Protection * Auto-Body Graphics * Inlaid Graphics * Signal Defense Wireless Information Protection Films, AIR Blue Windshield Heat Blocker, Break-Safe Automotive Security Films and more!

Airport: 3035 Koapaka Street, Honolulu, HI 96819 * Direct: 808-695-4461 Office: 808-423-TINT (8468) Fax: 808-421-1448
I also carry a full line of Epoxy Surfboards from Fishes to Longboard/Noseriders, call or write for details and prices.







FREE Paddle Board Trial Runs, no need to rent and worry, come to the beach try our boards for awhile, no cost ever! Want pictures of first timers standing up on their VERY FIRST ATTEMPT, write to me I'll send em. Normal folks who were stoked after the test paddle...awesome!